Jyothisha Bhooshanam
Dr. Lakshmidasan

1 D.Litt | 6 Doctorates | 35 Masters | 4 Bachelorettes | 9 Diplomas



Homa is a ritual of sacrifice (gives the meanings worship, prayer, praise, offering, ablation, sacrifice) derived from the practice of vedic times. It is performed to please the Devas or to attain certain wishes (Karma rituals). An essential element is the sacrificial fire (the divine agni) into which oblations are poured, as everything that is offered in the divine agni is believed to reach the Devas.

Homas are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the vedic  sages for over thousands of years. Lord krishna in Bhagavad Gita quotes, “This creation is a yajna”. Yajna also means sacrifice and by this he meant that creation is an eternal flow of birth and death. It is a sacrifice where ones' death gives way for the birth of another, continuously; something gets sacrificed for something to arise. This is how the vedas interpret the creation and in the purview of the vedas, the homa is but a miniature model of this universal sacrifice.

Homas is derived from vedas, contains the highest form of knowledge. The singular goal of veda is to guide man through the correct path, and homas forms the essence of all the karmas prescribed in the vedas.



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