Jyothisha Bhooshanam
Dr. Lakshmidasan

1 D.Litt | 6 Doctorates | 35 Masters | 4 Bachelorettes | 9 Diplomas



Profile Of Dr. Lakshmidasan....

Dr. Lakshmidasan, a professional celebrity astrologer, astronomer, tantrik, poojari, mantrik, priest, vastu and fengshui consultant, gemologist, numerologist, clairvoyant to the stars, lecturer, visiting professor, artist, a good orator, writer and a multi-linguist has been practising astrology professionally for well over twenty two years. Born in Payyanur (Kerala), a significant place connected with astrology, as son of Sri. Narayanan (late) and Smt. Padmavathi, Dr. Lakshmidasan has remarkable interest in vedic astrology and spiritual studies, along with his academic achievements. He is one of the very rare individual who has been abundantly blessed by Goddess Saraswathy and Goddess Lekshmi. He has Doctorates in 7 subjects. He has done Masters degrees in different subjects.

He is an individual with the ability to know the secrets of the nature. The astrologer, thantrik and mantrik Dr. Lakshmidasan is specially sanctified by the divine supremacy to excavate mysterious secrets of Astrology and human minds. He is one of such thantrik who can clear body purging it of evil.

By the grace of the super power and his acquired knowledge Dr. Lakshmidasan gained fame over the globe. Dr. Lakshmidasan is lending human minds to tranquility not only through poojas and manthras, but also through spiritual thoughts, discourse and lecture and parayana.

He has done his intensive studies on various branches of jyothisha related aspects of human life. Siddhantha jyothisha, samhitha jyothisha, prasna jyothisha, business astrology, karmajeeva (selection for job), matching horoscope, prediction on world events, making Almanac(Panchanga), yajnanushtan for Grahasanthi, selection of ratna, compatability (vivaha gatana), medical astrology, ashtamangalya prasna (for temples, houses etc), Vastu astrolgy and thamboola prasna (by betel leaves).

He handles diverse languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Arabic, Urdu, French etc.

He has written 20 books.

Dr. Lakshmidasan is married to Mrs. BinduLkshmidasan and has two daughters named Braahmi Lakshmidasan and Dhanishta Lakshmidasan.


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