Jyothisha Bhooshanam
Dr. Lakshmidasan

1 D.Litt | 6 Doctorates | 35 Masters | 4 Bachelorettes | 9 Diplomas



Yantra / Amulet / Thabeez / Elas / Yantra Plain

Yantra represents the Almighty himself. For each deity there is a yantra. Worshiping the Almighty in the form of a yantra is  very effective way of worshiping, because the Almighty is involved into the yantra.
Yantras are effective pacifiers which can be utilized by male of female belonging to any religion. There are specific yantras for specific problems.
They are written in gold, silver or copper plates strictly in accordance with the scriptures. These are helpful in reducing troubles. Poojas and Havans performed with yantras by the person will definitely do a lot of good.
There are different yantras for sharpening intellect and for achievements in education, to remove obstacles in professional matters, to get disease cured, to avoid untimely accidents, fear complex, death, to remove the adverse effects of wrongful dimensions in the constructions of house and other buildings, for easy selling of land and properties and for quick conclusion of business transactions etc.

  • Protection and Success
  • Health
  • Prosperity, Fame, Wealth
  • Education
  • Protection Against Black Magic, Evil Spirits
  • Victory and Attraction
  • Obstacles
  • Vaasthu Dosha


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