Jyothisha Bhooshanam
Dr. Lakshmidasan

1 D.Litt | 6 Doctorates | 35 Masters | 4 Bachelorettes | 9 Diplomas




Pooja (alternative transliteration Pooja, Sanskrit: revevence, honour, adoration or worship) relegious ritual that Hindus perform on a variety of occasions to pray or show respect to God, Gods and Guru. It is a ritual action that composes worship in Hindu culture. During Pooja, the divine presence is invoked by which the devotee obtains blessings.

The appropriate mantra if resited while adhering to prescribed rules and regulations during pooja. These mantras have been perfected by our ancient sages and saints and are the most powerful medium to attain almost about anything in life. Each mantra has a different use and only the right mantra creates its own vibrations or cosmic energy.

Poojas vary in their scale, which depends on their duration, the number of deities being honoured and whether it is being performed for public or private benefit.


  • Health
  • Marriage obstacles (Mangalik, Chovvadosham etc)
  • Wealth and financial progress in business and career
  • Protection from evils and enemies
  • For ansestors (Pithru Pooja)
  • General Ishwarya
  • Centenary Celebrations, Shashti poorthi, Sapthathi, Navathi etc.



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